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This 6 day Photographic Tour combines the beauty, natural wonder and timelessness of some of the best locations in Central Australia with a photographic focus. For the enthusiastic photographer you will receive tips and tuition from one of Australia?s most highly regarded photographers, Ivan Kobiolke*, with a myriad of opportunities to photograph awesome scenery and wildlife including Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and Kings Canyon.



Day 1 (Lunch / Dinner)

Good morning fellow ‘shutter bugs’ ? a bright and early 0600 departure from our Alice Springs accommodation (1pm pick-up at Yulara/Ayers Rock Resort/Airport) and its along the Stuart Highway south of Alice to our destination today ? Uluru. Our journey of approx 6 hours is interspersed with rest breaks at Stuarts Well Camel Farm, Mt Ebenezer and the Imanpa art gallery, Mount Conner (Atila-the iceman), Salt Pan remnants of the Amadeus Basin and Curtin Springs Cattle Station. Along the way Ivan will talk about photography and answer your technical and creative questions.

There will be plenty of excellent photo opportunities mixed with the aboriginal history and early European bravery, which opened up this wonderful region. The contrast of colours is a photographer?s dream.

Arriving at our bush camp at Yulara approx 12.30, we will lunch and then depart for the afternoon at Uluru (Ayers Rock). For those joining us at Uluru, we will collect you from a point previously arranged dependent on your arrival time. The afternoon will provide excellent photo opportunities at specially selected locations around Uluru plus the Mala, Kuniya and Base Walk.

No day at Uluru is complete without the sunset. Mother nature, embracing the natural phenomenon which is Uluru, combines to display an amazing changing of colour. Relax and ‘click away’ whilst enjoying sparkling wine or cold refreshments. Tonight is your first night in a swag in the outback with the evening meal cooked over the open wood fire and above us, the million stars of the Milky Way. What a great way to conclude your first day, stories aplenty no doubt while downloading and printing today?s images.

  • Alice Springs
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Day 2 (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

It?s up before the birds, breakfast, pack and break camp as we depart to a location to take in the dawning of the new day and sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. The freshness of the new day, new light and the early morning sky is a breathtaking and moving experience, and perfect for capturing that perfect landscape.

We now travel a short distance to Kata Tjuta to commence the ‘Valley of the Winds’ walk. This 3-4 hour experience will leave you speechless combined with a feeling of inferiority as we wind our way through the massive domes which were so important in the Anangu life. We would suggest that camera batteries will be nearly exhausted after this experience.

After an early lunch and a brief stopover at Yulara, we travel to Curtin Springs Station. Here the tour changes significantly as we lock in the hubs (4×4) and get you acquainted with the ‘real outback’.

The ‘bush track’ between Curtin Springs and Kings Creek Station opens the door to everything the outback is ? rough, tough, spectacular scenery, peaceful and wildlife rich. This is home to the rarely seen Red Kangaroo, wild Camels and Dingo. This track is exclusive to Wayoutback and a visual feast for the photographer.

The colour in the outback as the day recedes must be seen to be believed. Tonight our campsite will be at a remote location, nobody within miles and absolute solitude ? now we really are Way Outback.

  • Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  • Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)
  • Yulara
  • Mt Connor (Atila)
  • Kings Creek Station

Day 3 (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

This morning we will capitalize on the morning dawn with a sunrise photo shoot to capture the ?magic hour? (the half hour before and after sunrise) as no doubt the outback bird choir will have us up early. Breakfast, pack and it?s time to move along the track towards Kings Creek Station. The combined landmass of these two properties is nearly 6,000 square kilometres and we WILL NOT see another person. We will catch the early morning animals still feeding or moving to waterholes. These are what we refer to as ‘Kodak moments’ ? be prepared.

Arriving at Kings Creek mid morning we will rest, shower, swim and possibly a brunch as we prepare for what we believe is one of the greatest wonders and best-kept secrets of Central Australia ? Kings Canyon.

Normally a 3-4 hour walk, we will spend most of the afternoon at this location. The views are gob smacking, they are more stunning as the western sun displays the full natural beauty. The Canyon within the Watarrka National Park is a botanists delight, is steeped in Luritja cultural history and the natural sites such as Corroboree Rock, The Amphitheatre, Garden of Eden and the Lost City will leave you euphoric, and keep the telephoto lens busy.

Late this afternoon we will return to our remote campsite at Kings Creek Station. Our unique bush shower and toilets will add a further lighter side to the day. Another superb camp fire meal, and yes more stars, more stories and laughs, and more downloading. What a great day.

  • Watarrka (Kings Canyon)
  • Kings Creek Station
  • Outback Bush Camp
  • George Gill Ranges

Day 4 (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

A casual morning and the usual routine will be followed with a short stop at Kings Canyon Resort before we tackle the infamous Mereenie Loop Road to our next destination Hermannsburg.

At Hermannsburg, the site of the first Lutheran based Aboriginal Community, we will visit the old Historical Centre, the Namatjira Family Gallery and the Silk Painters. Should the Hermannsburg Potters be available we will find time to view this unique art form.

This afternoon we will venture along the world?s oldest river system, the Finke River, through Cycad Gorge into an area rich in Western Arrernte culture ? Palm Valley. The valley is home to the rare giants ? The Red Cabbage Palm (Livistonia Palms), relic palms from pre-Jurassic period.

Again the afternoon light best displays this spectacular and peaceful location for the photographer. The Arankaii Walk will feature wonderful reds and greens with the stark pure white of the authoritative Ghost Gums (Eucalyptus papuana). Surprises could include sighting the endangered Black Footed Rock Wallaby and the mighty predator, the Perentie (Varanus giganteous).

You guessed it ? another night wild camping ? there is no other way to immerse yourself into this stunning environment which is the Outback.

  • George Gill Ranges
  • Mereenie Loop Road
  • Hermannsburg
  • Palm Valley
  • Finke River

Day 5 (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Up with the birds (they are usually very active), breakfast, pack and break camp before we travel back towards the community of Ipolera where we turn north along the Namatjira towards the West MacDonnell Ranges. As has been witnessed each day ? the countryside and the natural environment are constantly changing. This contributes to the enormous range of photographic experiences available in Central Australia.

Mid-morning we will witness Tnorala (Gosse Bluff), a 130-million-year-old meteor crater. Its visual impact set amongst the desert swale is stunning and an image that you will want to capture. A further short drive and we will arrive at one of the West MacDonnell?s best secrets ? Redbank Gorge (Rachoopma – Kangaroo man dreaming).

Located at the foot of Mount Sonder, this 2 hour Gorge walk is simply impressive. The walk is bordered by the brightest orange rock walls and massive River Red and Ghost Gums. The end of the walk is a beautiful 30m deep swimming hole. The location is symbolic to the Western Arrernte ladies and is also home to the Long Snouted Dragons and Black Footed Rock Wallabies. This walk creates many a neck injury ? because you don?t know where to look and what to photograph next ? it is stunning.

Tonight we will journey towards Glen Helen Lodge and the beginning of the mighty Finke River system. Our camping location for the last night will be near one of only 8 permanent waterholes in Central Australia. Permanent water means an opportunity to swim (for those that can absorb the chill) but also means plenty of animal and bird life, and the chance for a great wildlife picture.

  • Tnorala (Gosse Bluff)
  • Redbank Gorge
  • Mt Sonder
  • Glen Helen

Day 6 (Breakfast / Lunch)

Many of you may not want to move, let alone contemplate returning to the business world once you photograph the sun?s rays on Mount Sonder and the plethora of natural beauty and wildlife at this location. It does defy description, however, we must move on to a location which will justify relocation ? The Ormiston Pound Walk (Kwatooma ?Emu birth Dreaming).

This 4-hour walk, a part of the famous Larapinta Trail (Eagles Flight Dreaming), will leave you in awe – the rugged multi-colour quartzite walls, the expansive pound structure, the white sands of the Ormiston Creek, the brilliant purple quartzite within the pound, the water/swimming holes, the geological formations and the serenity is uplifting and quickly fills the CF card.

This afternoon as we journey our last kilometres towards Alice Springs you will be provided two more multicoloured spectacular visions ? The Ochre Pits and Ellery Creek Big Hole.

Arriving back at your chosen Alice Springs accommodation at approximately 17.30 will be the realism of a return to a more domesticated lifestyle. We are positive that your previous 6-day experience will be a great revelation and provide a real sense of achievement. Your memories will be the thousand plus photographs taken that in years to come will rekindle what has been a truly amazing experience.

Tonight, dine at one of Alice Springs finest restaurants, a few refreshments, plenty of stories and laughs and we say Palya (thank you and goodbye) to many new friends.

  • Mt Sonder
  • Ormiston Pound Walk
  • The Ochre Pits
  • Ellery Creek Big Hole
  • Alice Springs

Special Note

For those flying into Alice Springs the day prior to departure ? Optional Photographic workshop in Alice Springs. (Not available for guests choosing to commence Safari in Uluru on day 1).

This optional workshop hosted by Ivan Kobiolke to prepare participants for the photography safari and provide an insight into the type of photography that might present. The workshop will cover concepts of landscape photography, portrait photography and travel photography. The digital darkroom and post production techniques will also be discussed. This workshop will provide an opportunity for fellow participants to meet each other.

Chifley Alice Springs Resort

Spinifex Room

34 Stott Terrace, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870

*Note participants are to make their own way to workshop location and return to their chosen accommodation.


6 Day(s)


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