Wayoutback Australian Safaris


The rugged and wild west of Tasmania awaits you on this three-day adventure. Highlights include exploring the Cradle Mountain with its noriously unreliable weather ? Lake St Clair National Park, walking at the base of the tallest trees in Australia, the beautiful Henty Sand Dunes, spending two nights in a private lodge in the scenic village of Strahan and driving along one of the country?s most scenic roads.



Day 1 (Lunch / Dinner)

Welcome to the Apple Isle!

We start our journey early in the morning from Hobart with our first stop, Mt Field National Park, a favourite among Tasmanians. The beauty of this park stems from its diverse vegetation including its Swamp Gums, the tallest trees in Australia. You have a chance to witness these towering natural wonders during our Tall Trees walk when your guide will explain the various flora and fauna that calls Mt Field home. After you explore the giants of the forest, take a walk along the bottom of the beautiful cascading Russell Falls. The drive to our next stop for the day, Lake St Clair is one of Australia?s most scenic. It is here you will see Australia?s deepest lake at 167 metres. The lake was formed from ice glaciers over the last two million years and feeds the Derwent River which winds its way to Hobart. The breathtaking backdrop of Mt Olympus sets a perfect scene for some great holiday snaps while you take a walk around the area. From Lake St Clair it is onto the quiet but picturesque west coast village of Strahan where you will settle into your lodge overlooking Macquarie Harbour for two nights.

  • Mt Field National Park
  • Russell Falls
  • Lake St Clair

Day 2

Today Strahan is your oyster with a range of optional activities on offer. If you are after a thrill with a view then our guide can arrange a jet boating adventure on the King River. The Henty Sand Dunes are the largest moving sand dune system in Tasmania where you can take in the rugged beauty of the island?s west coast. An ex-mining thoroughfare, the King River is flanked by mountain ranges with a growing range of rainforest plant species including Leatherwood, Pandani, Giant Tree Ferns and Myrtle.

  • Strahan

Day 3 – (Breakfast / Lunch)

This morning settle on board our vehicle for the scenic drive to stunning Cradle Mountain, with its notoriously unreliable weather. Those feeling energetic can embark on a hike with your guide along the jagged contours of the mountain taking in the serene beauty of your surroundings. If you?d rather take it easy then there are less strenuous walks around the majestic Dove Lake. Don?t forget to keep your eye out for one of our Aussie icons, the wombat. While they may look cute and cuddly they can tend to be a bit grumpy, so keep your distance after plenty of scenic photographs it?s onto the northern town of Launceston where we will finish our tour, arriving in the late afternoon.

  • Cradle Mountain


3 Day(s)