Ultimate Thailand
Volunteer in Koh Phangan


Volunteer and teach at the beach!


Starts: Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand
Ends: Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Koh Samui may be a haven for international sun-worshippers with its stunning beaches, the waterfalls and the nightlife, but it too suffers from a lack of funding for basics such as education, childcare and school development. Many of the schools here have set up on land owned by temples with financial support being raised by the monks. As the monks have their own lifestyles to support, funding for the schools is often meager, if anything. That?s where you come in! Any Thai with an ability to speak even the most basic English stands a better chance of breaking free from their meager surroundings.

The School

Working within a community school you will assist teachers with teaching basic English to 6 to 12 years olds. This will involve interaction with kids during lessons, in break lunch periods and in extracurricular activities sech as sport & football.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui island lies off the East Coast of Thailand, it?s just a 20min ferry ride from Koh Phangan where our Ultimate Thailand 10-day tour ends. Koh Samui is famous for its stunning white sandy beaches, amazing food and epic nightlife.

Your Accommodation

You?ll be staying in our guest house in a small, quiet community, not far from the beach. The house is located very close to all amenities you will need to settle in quickly and easily such as ATM?s, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, shops and more.

How long is the Program?

The minimum duration of your program is 1 week. You can upgrade and stay longer, enabling you to fully engage in your role and create a strong bond with your students and colleagues. The program starts on Mondays, but we are happy to arrange your accommodation for the weekend prior, so you can get settled in.

Experience Required?

You don?t need previous experience to participate. You will be guided through the teaching process by our team of trained, English speaking staff. We?re ensure you?re confident with the lesson plans and teaching materials before you start.

What?s Included?

  • Accommodation from the start of the program
  • Daily transfers to the school
  • Ongoing support and activities
  • Free WiFi in the volunteer house
  • 24-hour emergency contacts
  • Extra weeks are $199


7 Day(s)