Skydive Australia
Tandem Skydive Mission Beach


Up to 14,000ft skydive with over 60 seconds of heart-stopping free fall it’s the best way to get your adrenalin going! This premium product is suitable for those who are looking for all inclusive and special experience.


Starts: Mission Beach QLD 4852, Australia
Ends: Mission Beach QLD 4852, Australia

No experience required

Our team of highly experienced and professional instructors will help guide you through the basic steps of your skydive with Jump the Beach Mission Beach, so no previous experience is required and you will be in the air in no time!

Australia’s highest jump

Jumping at a height up to 14,000ft… Look out!! Reaching speeds of up to 220km/hr, you will rocket straight down for up to 60 seconds for a heart-stopping, life-changing freefall! Get ready to open yourself to a whole new meaning of adrenaline.

Under canopy

With the parachute deploying at 5,000ft, it leaves plenty of time to glide like a bird for several minutes of under canopy fun. Soak up the spectacular views over rainforest and reef, tropical islands and pristine white beaches as there is enough time to take in the experience before touching back down to reality.

Smile you’re on camera!

Once you hit the ground adjusting to firm land it?s time to relive your incredible Jump the Beach Mission Beach experience on film and view your snap shots! Watch every moment caught on camera over and over and share with all your friends and family.

Your tandem skydive includes:

  • Free bus transfers from Cairns and Mission Beach
  • Professional training and instruction
  • 20 minutes scenic flight up to 14,000ft
  • Up to 60 seconds adrenalin pumping free fall
  • Spectacular view of the Reef & Rainforest, tropical Islands and beautiful beaches
  • Complimentary drink and lunch at 4* beach resort Castaways.
  • Free use of resort facilities including swimming pool, gym, bar
  • Skydive comemorable certificate
  • Experience of a lifetime!


1 Day(s)