Island Diver
Sudbury Cay Day Trip – Snorkelling


Island Diver’s focus is on fun! Travel out to the outer Great Barrier Reef, visiting Briggs and Sudbury Reef and swim across to the cay. Travel on a chilled out boat, with reggae music playing! Small group adventure (under 30 pax) and a 9.30am start for those who like a sleep in! The emphasis on this trip is the tropical, chilled out vibe that the Sandy Cay presents, rather than the full on certified dive experience.


Starts: Cairns QLD, Australia
Ends: Cairns QLD, Australia

Our first stop is the Briggs Reef the fish bowl, on the Outer Great Barrier Reef:
Excellent Snorkelling and Diving

Things you may be able to see on Briggs Reef
– White tip reef shark seen swimming along the wall – he’s harmless.
– Clown trigger fish, seen over the wall at around 10m and to the left of the boat.
– Long finned banner fish, seen over the wall, some times in schools of 30 or more.
– Lion fish
– Green turtles, seen all over the dive site.
– Cuttle fish, they are part off the octopus family and are seen mainly on the top of the reef in about 5-9m.
– Octopus, seen all over the dive site, but are very hard to spot as they are experts in camouflage so look very carefully.

At 1:00 pm lunch is served.

While the guest are eating we will move to Sudbury Reef and Sudbury Cay

Sudbury Reef and Sudbury Cay

Sudbury reef is easy to snorkel and perfect for 1st time introductory divers. This is where people can either snorkel or try a second introductory dive or a second certified dive.

Most guests are interested in swimming over to Sudbury Cay. Sudbury Cay is a deserted sand island, surrounded by reef.

Swimming across to Sudbury Cay is weather permitting! At some times of the year the currents are very strong and it is no safe to swim across.

The trip arrives back in Cairns roughly 5:30 – 6:00 pm.

Special features of our trip:

  • This is a specific day trip (no island or live aboard transfers along the way) which is taking snorkellers and divers out to the reef and a Cay for a fun filled day!

  • Island Diver’s focus is on fun!!!

  • Meet at the boat at 9:30 am, so customers can have a night out before the trip and get some sleep!
  • Has small groups for now max 30! Most other trips hold 100+.
  • Does a sunset cruise back to Cairns (during the winter months)
  • Plays reggae music to create the tropical vibe!
  • Has a small bar for beers and snacks on the way home
  • Healthy food


Meet at the end of E Finger at Marlin Marina, 9.30am.
The boats name is MV Sunkist with ‘Island Diver’ signage.

Pick ups can be arranged from Cairns CBD accommodation for $10 extra or $20 from South Cairns accommodation or Northern Beaches accommodation. Pay on the bus.

Health Requirements for Diving:

We regret you cannot scuba dive if you suffer from asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, major heart, brain or lung problems, if you are pregnant, or if you are on certain medication (like beta blockers for high blood or ADHD medication). You must be able to swim.

Port, reef and fuel levy $20 p. d. payable on board on the day.


1 Day(s)