Gold Coast Watersports
Jet ski and Flyboard for 2


Jet ski and Flyboard for 2 (twin share)


Starts: Gold Coast QLD, Australia
Ends: Gold Coast QLD, Australia

Great Package dealcombining a 30 min Jet Ski hire and Flyboard introduction for 15 min each.First enjoy the adrenalin rush of riding a high speed jetski our purpose builtcircuit. Race around a 1km track as fast as you like! Then Fly high like Iron Man and dive like adolphin with the newest extreme watersport activity that is taking the world bystorm. The Fly Board is similar to a skateboard with bindings attached, whichis then attached to a jetski via a 20 metre hose.

The thrust fromjetski and gives the Fly Board?s propulsion while the hirer controls thedirection.

It?s easier than itlooks and our friendly and experienced staff will have you up and flying, inmost cases in under 10 minutes. Your experience starts with a safety briefingand being kitted out with wetsuit, helmet and lifejacket. You will then learnthe basic manoeuvres including taxiing through the water, turning left andright around the instructor and then standing up.


1 Day(s)


Gold Coast