Coffs City Skydivers
Tandem Skydive 9000ft


Feel the Freedom skydive. Jump, accelerate, WOW!


Starts: Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia
Ends: Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia


  • Highest beach skydive in Australia
  • We offer tandem skydives up to 15,000ft, with p to 70 seconds of heart pumping, jaw dropping freefall action!
  • Passionate skydivers to share your experience
  • You get to steer the parachute as you fly over beaches, mountains and the majestic Coffs Coast
  • You feel stunningly alive, as energy courses thru your body, and your mind expands!
  • Expert safety minded professionals

Coffs City Skydivers is a small, locally owned and run company with a big heart. Be invited into our world where skydiving happens every day and almost anything is possible. Our team are passionate skydiving professionals who will take you on a personal skydive adventure.

Our beach skydive is an incredible and sometimes life changing experience. Lifting your day to EXTRAORDINARY, the freefall provides a level of feelings and intensity that is seldom found elsewhere. Followed by the counterpoint of a parachute ride allowing time for the experiences to sink in, as you look around and feel like a bird, flying through the sky on your way back to our beautiful planet earth.

You will skydive over 300km of pristine coastline with a backdrop of the Great Dividing Range before landing on the beach in the pristine Solitary Islands Marine Park. Imagine standing on the beach, your heart pumping, feeling totally blissed out, you?ve just landed! You look to the waves, then back up at the sky, and realise ‘I can fly’! It?s the best feeling on earth.


1 Day(s)


Coffs Harbour