6 of the Best Adrenaline Activities in Australia


Where? All over Australia

Skydiving is the ULTIMATE thrill! It’s also a rite of passage for backpackers who come to Australia! Before I came to Australia, I had always wanted to do a skydive but never really drummed up the courage. Now I’ve done it, I can honestly say that every minute of it was AMAZING! It’s the least natural thing to throw yourself out of a plane that is working just fine but I couldn’t recommend it more! There’s a few places you can skydive in Australia, two of which are right near us here in Sydney … Ask our friendly staff what deal we can get you and get this ticked off your bucket list!

Skydive in Australia

Bungy Jump

Where? All over Australia

Now, I love adrenaline as much as the next person, but I just can’t bring myself to do a bungy jump … so in my opinion, this is not for the faint hearted! I do know lots of people who did this while they were travelling though and loved every second of it! Each to their own! Even though I’m a bit of a scaredy cat with this one, it is still something I’d recommend if you’re an adrenaline junkie – if you try it, let me know what it’s like – maybe I’ll change my mind eventually!
Again, there are a few places you can do your bungy jump but everyone seems to rave about AJ Hackett’s in Cairns  … did you do one somewhere else? Tell us what you thought in the comments!

White Water Rafting

Where? Tully River, Queensland

Another one I was lucky enough to tick off the list on my East Coast trip – again, I would recommend it! I always think these types of activities are made even better by the people in your team – luckily, we had a fantastic boat who were up for anything! We did the Extreme version which means you get to jump off rocks, they flip you out of the boat and you get to jump in to the water and go down a couple of the rapids by yourself. You also get to slide down a waterfall which is a lot more epic than it sounds! White water rafting is also not for the faint-hearted but I am so glad I did it!

White water rafting in Queensland.

Jungle Swing

Where? Cairns

This is one on my list that I have yet to tick off! As famous as AJ Hackett’s is for Bungy Jumping, they also do the fastest Jungle Swing in the world! Check out the video below – this looks amazing!

Shark Cage Diving

Where? Port Lincoln, South Australia

This. Is. Amazing. Seriously! There is nothing that can get your heart racing quite in the same way as coming face to face with a Great White shark. Yeah, there’s a cage between you, but it doesn’t feel quite that way at the time! I didn’t actually do this in Australia but when I did do it, we had a few sharks come for a little play … because you are in a cage, you don’t have as good a view as they do from the boat, so the crew on the boat will tell you when to go under the water. We saw a few shadows swim past quickly, but the third or fourth time we went under, I came face to face with Jaws – it’s eye staring at me, it’s jaw wide open, teeth fully on display! Then, the shark starting thrashing at the cage with its tail before swimming off! Now, that might not sound like fun, but believe me, it was incredible! (And safe – don’t worry!) When we came up for air, everyone was cheering and clapping and my heart was pounding!

As a side story – when I was climbing out of the cage and back in to the boat, the guy helping me yelled out ‘SHARK’ really loudly and I absolutely s**t myself! He was only messing but my best friend said it was funny because there was actually a shark behind me … it took me a good ten minutes before I could climb the stairs to the viewing deck because my legs were like jelly – and they had to edit the video at that point because I yelled out some very colourful words at the time! Haha.

I would recommend this to everyone!

Cage Diving with Sharks in South Australia

Cage of Death

Where? Darwin

Not only can you cage dive with sharks in Australia, you can cage dive with crocs too! Get up close and personal with a 5m+ croc with nothing but a perspex cage between you! First, you’ll be suspended over their enclosure and then lowered in to the water to watch them eat and swim around you! I’m hoping to make this my next adrenaline activity … I’ve had friends who have done it that loved every second!

Check out the video and decide for yourself if it is on your bucket list!


So there’s just 6 of the crazy things you can do in Australia to get the blood pumping! Did we miss anything off? What’s on your list? Let us know in the comments! And if you want to book any of these adrenaline activities, give us a shout and see what awesome deals we can do for you!

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