5 Reasons To Visit Vivid

We love the Vivid Festival in Sydney! If you haven’t been already, you’re running out of time! Just in case you need some convincing on why to check it out, we put together just 5 of the many reasons why you should check it out …

It’s the first year Vivid visits the Botanical Gardens.

If you haven’t made it to the Botanical Gardens yet, now is a great time to check it out! Vivid adds a whole new dimension to the Gardens with the Garden of Light display that will dazzle you! Literally – the Cathedral of Light is made up on tens of thousands of white LEDs. It looks completely magical!

The Lighting of the Sails – it will take your breath away!

One of my personal favourite parts of the Vivid Festival is the Lighting of the Sails on the Opera House. I love the Opera House any day of the week, but when Vivid comes to town, it becomes even more spectacular than normal! There’s a different theme each year and an awesome show that you will happily stare at for hours! Nowhere else in the world will you see this -take pictures, make everyone at home jealous!

Here’s a quick peek:

Darling Harbour comes alive!

Fancy having your face projected on to a giant water screen in the middle of Darling Harbour -now you can! And then you’ll get an email copy as a souvenir! Once you’ve done that, sit down and watch the Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre – there’ll be dragons and snakes, fountains and lasers – an incredible show! There’s also fireworks at 7pm which will make you oooh and ahhh accordingly! (Here’s a picture I took on Sunday night!)

Vivid Festival | Darling Harbour

It’s a great excuse to get together with friends and explore!

You can go down and check out Vivid all over the city, with something for everyone! There’s lots of photo opps, so get your best selfie face on and get everyone in the picture! After you’ve seen everything, sit down and grab a drink down with your new travel buddies – Vivid is a great conversation starter and you’ll definitely have a lot to talk about!

It’s free!

Vivid is free!

The best thing about Vivid? It’s FREE! So there’s no excuse not to go and check it out, even if you are in that “poor backpacker” phase who’s on a strict budget and washing off those paper plates for next meal time!


Honestly, if you check out all the different parts of Vivid, you won’t be disappointed … I reckon it may even be one of your favourite memories about Sydney!

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